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I design and make individual custom-made Irish Dance dresses as well as off the rack dresses. I am based near Glasgow, Scotland, but readily take commissions from around the world. 

I can either recreate the dress that you have in mind, or work with you to create the dress of your dreams.  Either way, you will have a dress that you feel good in.  And of course, if you feel good you will dance better! 

I have a degree in Costume Making, so I understand the importance of stage presence.

The average custom made dress starts at £550.  This price can go up or down depending on what you want.  The average dress with stones tends to be about £650.  If you contact me with your budget and design ideas, I am sure we can come up with the perfect dress.

I can also make waistcoats.  They can be for as little as £100 but the average one is £150.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

 Please note that I don't update this site that often.  My Facebook page is always up to date.  Vicky Anderson Dresses


Please keep checking this website. It is still in the buiding process and will be frequently updated with photos of new creations. And do feel free to contact me with queries